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Unleashed! YA Novel written by Susan Cady Allred
Unleashed! Contemporary YA Novel written by Susan Cady Allred


17-year-old Aleasha Summers just discovered her dead father trained her to be a spy. Tasked with taking on a school bully, she quickly discovers the bully is a child of the Mexican Mafia.  Now Aleasha must take on the Mafia to save the school and her loved ones, or watch them die, losing the city to corruption and chaos.

Genre: Young Adult Action/Romance

Quote from the Book:  “People say you fought for me.” Rachel leans forward, her eyebrows furrowing. “Did you? How bad were you hurt?”

Progress: Book Complete; In query/publishing stage 

 Read The first Chapter of Unleashed HERE:  Unleashed-5pgs

Courting Disaster (Book 1 of the Courtney Series):

Courting Disaster Contemporary YA Novel by Susan Cady Allred
Courting Disaster

7 year old Courtney is a child prodigy that runs a black-ops Agency only the President knows exists.  The problem? Her mother doesn’t know it, and insists she act like a normal child.  

Courtney must run the Agency, meet with the President of the United states, and avoid capture by rival governments, all while convincing her mommy she’s a normal 2nd grader.  No pressure!

Read Courting Disaster Sample

Genre: Contemporary YA Action Novel

Progress:  In the editing process.

000WithDrew (Book 2 of the Unleashed Series):  Aleasha been asked by the President of the United States to protect two girls from international assassins.  It’s a game of cat and mouse. But the question is: Which one is she? And what will she do when she discovers that Drew has committed the ultimate betrayal?  

Can she keep her head in the game, and keep the two girls alive? Or will her distraction cost them their lives?

Read WithDrew Sample Pages

Genre: Contemporary YA Action Novel 

Progress: In the editing process. 

DSC_0433DomiNate (Book 3 of the Unleashed! Series):  14-year-old Nathan lost his sister and parents in a car accident. His life is turned upside down when the Agency his father worked for comes to collect him…to be a spy. Nathan is thrust into a world where he’s hunted by the enemy, and few things appears as they seem.  Nathan must find out who is hunting him and why before he’s captured, killed, or worse. 

Genre: Contemporary YA Action Novel

Progress: In the editing process

DSC_0316Courting Annihilation (Book 2 in the Courtney Series)

Little Courney Masters has become quite the Agency Boss.  At 7-years old, she’s the only black-ops Director that answers directly to the President of the United States. And now the President is calling in a favor. All Courtney wants to do is go back to her pre-agency life, but Simon is still hunting her, and her agents, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.  Can Courtney find Simon and take him down before he finds her and turns her agents into child-mercenaries?

Genre: Contemporary YA Action Novel

Progress: Editing phase

unleashed optionNathan Unleashed (book 4 in the Unleashed Series): Aleasha knows her little brother is alive, and she’s out to find him – no matter WHAT it takes.  Before she begins, a courier gives her a package with a riddle to decipher, and a promise that her little brother is waiting for her to find him.  It’s a race against time – and Drew,  to find Nathan, avoid the men who are hunting her, and if all goes well, make Drew take a long walk off a short pier.  Will she find her little brother? Or will the people hunting them find him first?

Genre: Contemporary YA Action Novel

Progress: Editing Phase

buttsintheairDefine Normal: Imagine what it would feel like to live in a family with ten children. Nope. Think crazier, wilder, and much much funnier!

Define Normal is a non-fiction book filled with dozens of vignettes – snapshots – of what life living in the Cady Family was all about. 

Written by: S. Cady Allred, C.Grace Cady Naegle, and Peggy Cady Kendall

Genre: Non-Fiction

Progress: half-written; beginning query process

tie-642063_960_720Fake Jake (Book 3 in the Courtney Series): Jake is Courtney’s older brother who also happens to have Down syndrome. But he is brilliant like his little sister – oh, and he’s a spy.   With his little sister as his boss, Jake is charged with the most delicate of jobs, and infiltrating locations that only he, with his special abilities, can enter.  Now, Jake must decide which is more important: The life of his little sister, or the safety of the free world. 

Genre: Contemporary YA Action Novel

Progress: Outlining stage

DSC_0235 (3)Being a Princess is SUCH Hard Work!

Being a Princess is SUCH hard work!!  This Children’s book emphasizes the qualities a child must have in order to be a proper princess.  It addresses manners, hard work, helping others, and being kind.  It’s designed to inspire our little ‘princesses’ to do better and be better so that they are worthy of the crowns they wear.  

Genre: Children’s Books

Progress: Words written, no illustrations yet

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