Unleashed! YA Novel written by Susan Cady Allred
Unleashed! Contemporary YA Novel written by Susan Cady Allred

Black Widow Meets Mean Girls

 17-year-old Aleasha Summers just discovered her dead father trained her to be a spy. Tasked with taking on a school bully, she quickly discovers the bully is a child of the Mexican Mafia.

Now Aleasha must take on the Mafia to save the school and her loved ones, or watch them die, losing the city to corruption and chaos.

Book 1 in the Unleashed Series.

Genre: Young Adult Action/Romance

Read the first chapter of Unleashed HERE:  Unleashed-5pgs

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Quote from the Book:  “People say you fought for me.” Rachel leans forward, her eyebrows furrowing. “Did you? How bad were you hurt?”

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