I’ve Got A New Pen Name and a New Story!

I’ve had Tim the Reaper finished for nearly two years. But it didn’t fit the genre I typically write in. It still has lots of action, a few fight scenes, witty banter, and kids dealing with bullies. But it also has angels and demons and lots of death.

I mean, Tim’s a grim reaper! There’s no way to avoid the death.

And he lives in a mortuary.

So, yeah. Death is sort of his way of life—whether he wants it or not.

Check out Tim the Reaper for Free Today!

But, unlike my Unleashed YA thriller series, Tim the Reaper is a YA urban fantasy novel. It takes place in the same city as the Unleashed series, so if you’re a fan of Spokane, Washington, you’ll find little Easter eggs within this series that will excite you. And…it’s plotted to be a six-book series!

So, to keep the Amazon algorithm gods happy, I had to create a new pen name. For all my urban fantasy stories, I’ll be writing under the name Alli Riggs. In the next 18 months, I plan on releasing at least six paranormal books. That’s a book every three months! If you want to check out my alter-ego and stay on top of any books, I release under my new pen name (plus, discover the inspiration behind why I wrote this book!) sign up for my NEWSLETTER.

Don’t worry. I’m still hard at work on the Courting Disaster series, and I have a series that combines some of the Unleashed cast with some of the Courting Disaster series. But several of those books are already nearly done and waiting on editing, cover art, etc. I plan on releasing 7 YA thrillers in the next 18 months, too. Eeek! I’m so excited! It’s going to be a crazy busy couple of years!

To make all this happen, and to force me to stick to my writing goals, I’ll be posting my chapters as I write them on Kindle Vella. The plan is 1-2 chapters per week, and then when the book is complete, I’ll do one final edit, make changes to the chapters that had the least favorable feedback, and release a completely polished novel.

I’m not planning on posting the Courting Disaster series on Vella though. It’s mid-series and Amazon won’t let me post anything that’s already published as a novel. BUT, if you want me to start publishing Drenched in Black, please make a comment on this post. If enough people request it, I’ll throw that baby up and let you be the first to read it (with a new cover, too!)

Posting on Kindle Vella will keep you from having to wait months on end for my next story to release. Just check out Vella each week and get your fill of the characters!

I hope you’re as excited as I am for this new pen name as I am. It’ll be the same ‘ol Susan with a splash of magic!

Until Next time…

~Suz/Alli 😉

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