What Have I Been Up To? Writing, of Course!

OY! It’s been a crazy several months.  No seriously. Unbelievably chaotic.  You’d think I’d be used to it by now.  Of course, I’m not.

Yes, I’m writing, but I haven’t been sharing my progress with anyone.  Many people have asked, but I never seem to put my butt in a chair and blog about it.  As I sat down this morning, with a 2019 resolution to blog more consistently, I realized I had six drafts last  year. Not a single draft was published for the world to see. Sigh.

This year I’m committing to block AT LEAST monthly.

So, what was I doing during 2018?

  1. I published FOUR books with my sisters.  Yes.  I’m now a published author.  We had interest from some people via traditional publishing, but ultimately we decided to break the book into novellas, and offer them ourselves.  If you’re interested in reading our work, click on the links.  The first book is only 99 cents and they’re ALL FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Click the titles below to learn more.Christmas3 (1)           Montes Misfits Book1

Monte’s Misfits: The Magically Messy Mayhem of Growing Up With Ten Kids

Monte’s Misfits: Ten Kids — No Kidding!

Monte’s Misfits: Creative Parenting

Monte’s Misfits: Ten Kids – Ho Ho Holy Christmas Chaos!

2.  I’m still writing.  Tim the Reaper (you know, the one I posted about in 2017?) That story’s done.  I’ve presented it to a few different agents and received some interest.  I’m in the middle of another draft, and hoping to submit to the agent who requested pages by the end of this month.

3.  I’m currently working on two more stories. 

The first, Under the Radar, got first place in a First Chapter contest. The problem is, I haven’t finished it yet! So, my goal for 2019 is to finish that last half and get that baby published! I’ll post the first few pages in my next blog.

The second story, I started during 2018’s NaNoWriMo, and I’m co-authoring with my 19-year-old son.  More about this story in another blog, I promise! I’m about 30K words into Legacy’s Ghost, but since it’s sci-fi, it’ll be longer than my other books, which average about 60k – 70k.  It’s been a long time coming, though.  Nate and I have discussed this book for a couple of years now, so now is the time to make it happen!

4.  I went to another writer’s conference, and got another award for the beginning pages of my non-fiction, “Take your Condolences and Shove it.”  Again, the story isn’t done. Sigh.  But I’m co-authoring this one with two other women, and have a publisher waiting for the story when it’s done too.

5.  And finally (drumroll please)…I’ve signed on to be J.Scott Savage’s assistant at Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers’ (WIFYR) Workshop for Teens in June.  WIFYR offers a series of different workshops for serious adult-writers who want to take their writing to the next level by taking a hands-on approach to learning.  The workshops occur in June and range anywhere from 1 to 5 days. They offer small class sizes, amazing instructors, and emphasizes applying tools learned at the workshop to improve the attendee’s manuscripts in class.  The Workshop for Teens is the only teen-based workshop. All the rest are for adults.  Plus, it’s by scholarship only, which is exciting. I can’t wait to see the caliber of writers ready to take on the world!  I’m sure you’ll hear more in the months coming up.  If you’re a writer and want to improve your craft, check out WIFYR.com

If you’re a teenager and aspiring writer and want to learn from an amazing author who knows how to write a gripping book, apply for WIFYR’s Teen Workshop at: https://www.wifyr.com/scholarship-for-teens/ (Psst! If you’re an adult who knows of a teen who writes, you can nominate them too!)

Now, with 2019 on the horizon, I’m compiling my goals for the year and many of them involve releasing more books, and many new, exciting adventures.  I hope you’ll stick with me for the ride!

Until next time…

Susan Cady Allred


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