Courting Disaster is Complete!

I’ve been working tirelessly over the past several months to complete my latest novel, Courting Disaster. Of all my novels written so far, this one has been the most fun, and has received the best initial response.

How can you go wrong with a sassy 7-year old spy boss who just wants to run her Agency, but her mother insists on her being a child?  Queue the temper tantrums, eye-rolls, and sequined foot-stomps, mixed with fight-scenes, mercenaries, and 007 action.

courting disaster characters LOW.jpgMy characters are a fun ensemble of personalities, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Courting Disaster as much as I have.

To give you a taste:

Henry:  Courtney’s Korean driver and bodyguard. Loves to joke around, but will kick some serious a** if he needs to.

Marc: Courtney’s silent, but violent father. Ex-special forces. He shadows his daughter while she works, making sure she remains a child, and the government doesn’t take advantage of her.

Kat: (The story is from her point of view, so you’ll see a TON of her) This chick’s no slouch either. Went through the military academies at age 14, 2 years of special forces, and hand-picked to be Courtney’s second in command. With 8 brothers and sisters, and a father who is a General, Kat has a bit of a back story, and more than a few dark moments in her past.

Jacob: Courtney’s older brother with Down syndrome. A veritable lady’s man, jokster, and much more than he seems.  Don’t mess with his baby sister!

Audrey: Courtney’s mom. She means well, but is overbearing and constantly in a power-struggle with her daughter, trying to keep her a child for as long as she possibly can.

Courtney’s Team:  With several in her command, each specifically recruited to be a spy: move in and out of situations without being noticed and seen, Courtney’s team includes teens (yes teens!) who are ethnically ambiguous, racially diverse, and talented in nearly every imaginable field.

And the fighting. Don’t forget the fighting!  You’ll have no shortage of combat and fight-scenes as Courtney fights off Simon, her mentor’s ex-partner, hell-bent on turning Courtney’s spies into mercenaries.

Stay tuned over the next several weeks and months, as I include excerpts from Courting Disaster to whet your appetite!


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