Courting Disaster

Hot on Unleashed!’s heels is my next book: Courting Disaster.

I’m half-way through the editing process and hope to have it published by the end of the year, either traditionally or independently. Either way, I’ll be unleashing Courtney on the world!

Courting Disaster Contemporary YA Novel by Susan Cady Allred
Courting Disaster

Seven-year-old Courtney is a child prodigy recruited by the government to oversee a department only the President knows exists.  The problem? Her mother doesn’t know she works for the Agency, and insists Courtney act like a normal child.  Courtney must run the Agency, avoid capture by her ex-boss-turned-mercenary, and save her mentor’s daughter, all while convincing her mommy she’s a normal second grader. Failure is not an option!

Click Here to Read:  Courting Disaster Sample

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